Now is a Good Time…

…to get your garden designed!

You might think that with the weather turning colder and the leaves starting to fall, any plans you have for your garden should wait until next year. But with gardens (as with so many other things in life), it pays to plan ahead.

It can take time to select a designer you want to work with. Once you’ve engaged one and they’re ready to start, the design process, which is interactive, may take a few weeks, possibly more. And when you have a design that is ready to go, you’ll still need to select a reputable landscape contractor. Good landscapers will often have work booked in for weeks, or even months ahead. Although the weather can be tricky, you might find they have less work on over the winter, so they can fit your job in sooner.

The weather might be better for hard landscaping in summer, but I’m sure you would rather have your garden built and ready by the time warmer weather arrives, instead of having to look out on a building site. Additionally, if the hard landscaping is completed by the end of March, any deciduous trees, shrubs and hedges can still be planted bare-rooted, which is more cost-effective.

So the message is; start the process now, and you could have a beautiful new garden to enjoy next spring and summer.